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A VPN (Virtual Private Network) ensures the customers about their privacy concerns, and a fully private connection, where they can perform all of their online activities without any fear of being hacked or tracked by any intruder or cybercriminals. The dedicated IP address is allocated to every user makes their connection even more protected, and IP masking ensures customers that no one is going to detect their original address and physical address.

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Our Top-Pick Process

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

  • Evaluation of the Protocol selected
  • Properly tested encryption levels
  • IP and DNS leak Testing
  • Zero-Log Policy
Performance Measure

Performance Measure

  • Speed Testing
  • Accessing Blocked Websites
  • Testing Application on different platforms
  • L2TP and Split-Tunneling Feature
  • Kill-Switch
  • Server Response Rate
  • Customer Help
Features and Value Proposition

Features and Value Proposition

  • Devices Multi-Logins
  • Compatibility Concerns
  • Number of Servers Connected
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Free trials and a Money-back guarantee

Security and Privacy

  • Evaluation of the Protocol selected to provide our customers with a secured network, an extensive evaluation of the protocols is performed before the connection is made. WireGuard is utilized in this scenario, where the core motive is to audit the security protocols for fast connectivity, and no errors.
  • Properly tested encryption levels all the encryption layers are tested, within the technique that fastens the connection because there is no tolerance level over the encryption level errors or connectivity issues.
  • IP and DNS leak Testing IP masking and Strict no IP Leaks assist us in strengthening the connection and allowing customers to follow a network, where they are allotted a new IP address every time they connect to the network with fast connectivity.
  • Zero-Log Policy A zero-log policy makes the customers confident that no log is being maintained over their online activities, and they don’t sell the data of users to any third-party for some money!

Performance Measure

  • Speed Testing we perform various speed tests over the platform, to ensure that no disturbance is performed over the connection, and the correct Mbps of speed is observed within the connection.
  • Accessing Blocked Websites we ensure that the VPNs listed within our platform are capable of unblocking geo-restricted websites, and platforms with the unique masking of IP address, and physical location.
  • Testing Application on different platforms A proper test over the application compatibility is performed, to ensure that the applications are working over and don’t observe any glitch within the connection. We value our core customers and want to ensure they’re observing a good latency over the network.
  • L2TP and Split-Tunneling Feature These two features are very important, for securing the data transfer of customers over the network, through the tunnel, and we always audit the working of these protocols.
  • Kill-Switch We ensure that the Kill Switch is working well, with the accurate notification of customer’s once their connection gets weak, or disconnect so customers can reconnect again for a secure connection saving their identity from hackers, and intruders.
  • Server Response Rate We checked the server response rate of each VPNs, which we mentioned on our blogs, and articles and the one we’re selling to ensure that the data packet of information is sent steadily, and comes back with an instant response.
  • Customer Help For the ease of our customers, we ensure that customer help service is working well, and customers are getting instant responses towards their queries posted within the network.

Features and Value Proposition

  • Devices Multi-Logins The device’s multi-login is important when the costumes are paying well for the package, so they should be given the privilege to utilize a single premium account in maximum devices.
  • Compatibility Concerns We always choose those devices; they are compatible with maximum platforms so customers can enjoy the usage of applications over various platforms.
  • Number of Servers Connected The number of servers connected makes the speed more faster, so that’s why we always make sure that customers are witnessing a fast speed, and bandwidth to stay committed towards the connection.
  • Dedicated IP addresses We ensure that the VPNs we are providing to our customers offer dedicated IP addresses, a unique id every time they get connected with the network.
  • Free trials and a Money-back guarantee Some of VPNs are offering free trials to their customers, after some time they have to purchase the package, whereas a money-back guarantee is provided to revert the package back just in case, not satisfied with the services.

Here, we are sharing a comprehensive review of the evaluation performed, the security measures, and quality features to get a fully protected and secured VPN network:

VPN Servers Allocations:

We always evaluate the VPNs based on their server allocation in different locations because they help boost the speed and enhance the response rate.

  • IP Masking and DNS Servers: We check each VPN, whether they are masking the IP address, and if the DNS server is working according to the functionality? It’s important to rectify these two features because it’s the core of the network.
  • Zero-Log Policy: Meanwhile, we also checked the Zero-Log Policy’s viability to ensure that no log is being maintained about the user’s online activities.
  • Customer Support: For the ease of customers, we also checked if their Live Chat Support is working or not? We left queries, at different times, within the network lane.
  • Speed and Bandwidth Testing: We performed speed testing, at each of the VPN service providers, with multiple servers, and then evaluated the average throughput of speed at each request generated.
  • Virtual and Physical Servers: One of the testing techniques was to rectify that if the VPN providers offer care-mental servers, encapsulating the location and masking the IP addresses for safe surfing.
  • Pricing Packages: No matter how vital the services are, if the price is not justifying the features, they won’t invest their money. So, we ensure that the VPNs we are recommending are the cheapest, with all the quality features embedded in them.
  • Devices Compatibility: We perform testing of the VPN application with different platforms like iOS, Android, Apple TV, and other mediums to evaluate the performance.

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